If you have a buyer or seller prospect or lead, looking to buy, sell, or relocate to the Greater Austin Area, you may refer them to me for a real estate referral fee paid at successful close of escrow simply for bringing us the buyer or seller.

Austin Area real estate referrals paid to your own broker (Referring Broker) will be 30% of Broker’s commission received by our Recipient Broker Green City Realty for successfully representing either the buyer, seller, or both. This does not include any Bonus to Sellers Agents (BTSAs). Your split from this referral fee is of course determined by your own agreement with your broker.

Here are the steps to refer a prospect or client who wants to buy or sell a home in the Greater Austin Area and get paid a referral fee if you are a real estate agent or broker:

  1. Download, fill out, and sign a form called Referral Fee Agreement and send it over to us by email at albert@greencityatx.com. If you have your own real estate referral form, you may also use this and fill out the receiving office with the following information:

Receiving Broker’s Office: Green City Realty

Broker’s TREC#: 9002712

Agent Name: Albert Allen

Phone: 512-589-9776

Agent TREC#: 656409

Mailing Address:  3800 N. Lamar Ste. 200, Austin, Texas 78756

  1. Once we receive your referral document, we will give you a call within 24 hours for any additional information, and we will then sign the real estate referral fee agreement and send you the signed referral document by email.
  2. This is an easy process. Once we have the real estate referral fee agreement mutually signed by our brokers, we will ask for the contact information of the client/lead you are referring and establish the best way to work with your referral.
  3. The rest is then up to us. We will either call or email your referred prospect or client depending on their communication preference to introduce ourselves. Or we can do an initial three-way call for a warm introduction. Once we have established contact, we would then proceed to work with the client and service this client for an exceptional real estate sales and service experience.

You will be updated all throughout the process. If this is an active client, we will send you a referral update every 1-2 weeks and whenever a transaction milestone is reached or whichever is sooner. If lead is not yet active, we will follow up with the lead once every 2-4 weeks or as often as we mutually agreed with the prospect and send you status updates at least once in 4 weeks.

  1. As we enter escrow, we will clarify broker commission payment instructions or commission disbursement allocation with the escrow company to verify 30% referral fee to be paid to your broker. Again, your split on this referral fee is determined by your agreement with your broker.
  2. We will immediately notify you at close of escrow and give you an ETA on your referral commission check arrival along with details of the sale.

Albert Allen is a full time REALTOR® that works with other real estate agents and who specialize in helping home buyers and sellers in the Greater Austin Area. If your client or prospect looking to buy or sell in the Greater Austin Area and any nearby area, we can help your client while you get paid a 30% referral fee.

Give us a call today at 512-589-9776 or email albert@greencityatx.com for more information. Check out our client testimonials to learn more about the excellent service we provide to all our clients.

You may email us anytime by using the contact form on the right. You will get a response as quickly as possible!

We may be able to return the favor of referring buyers and sellers in your area. If you scroll up to the contact form, you can share with us your contact information along with your areas of expertise. We have successfully referred clients to other Realtors® and we’d like the opportunity to send clients your way, too.